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Infant Milk Formula

Growing up infant milk


When we decided to provide mums who can not or do not wish to breastfeed with infant milk, we did it the Good Goût way: ORGANIC, no palm oil, produced in France with good whole French milk. Our milk is the 1st ORGANIC milk with high DHA* level, Omega-3 fatty acid contributing to a healthy development of the baby’s brain. Healthy ingredients selected for our kids. #onestepahead

3 years
Infant Milk Formula
Infant Milk Formula  dos
Infant Milk Formula  etiquette
    High DHA level
    With good whole French organic milk
    Made in france
    Ingredients from organic farming
    No palm oil
    Clip-on spoon under the lid
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This product contains
  • MilkMilk
  • FishFish

Good Goût growing up milk is…

A formula made from good whole organic milk, produced in France. An original full-cream milk!
A high DHA level, omega-3 fatty acid contributing to a healthy brain development.
A milk without palm oil, to leave our babies a greener planet!
And a clip-on spoon inside the lid to avoid an around the clock caving expedition! 

Good Goût’s Growing Up Milk little story

Good Goût teamed up with experts in infant nutrition to offer you this product, providing all the ingredients essential** to your baby’s development, especially vitamin D, important for the development of bones and teeth, and alpha-linolenic acid contributing to the development of our little angels’ nervous tissue and brain.

Its unique formula contains docosahexaenoic acid* (also known as DHA... easier to say !)
DHA is an omega-3 family LCP (Long Chain Polyunsaturated) fatty acid.

* Follow-on Milk for infants from 10 months and organic milk powder for young children from 10 to 36 months
** Compliant with the new mandatory regulations from 20/02/2020"

More details

Follow-on Milk for infants from 10 months and organic milk powder for young children from 10 to 36 months

Important notice :
If you are unable or do not want to breastfeed, this follow-on milk will meet your infant’s specific needs from 10 months of age, according to regulations. This product can not replace breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life and can only be part of a diversified diet. Seek advice from your paediatrician.

Preparation of the feeding bottle :
Important ! Please respect the following advice for your baby’s health:
- Never prepare a bottle in advance. The bottle must be consumed immediately and the leftovers must be thrown away.
- Wash your hands before each preparation. Use adequate water, clean, rinse and sterilize bottle and accessories.
- Only use the scoop enclosed in this can.

Directions for use:
1) Clean the bottle and the accessories.
2) Pour the required quantity of water, cooled down to 40°-50°C into the feeding bottle (choose a low mineral content water).
3) Add the corresponding number of leveled scoops.
4) Close the bottle and shake it.
5) Check the temperature before feeding. Let your child feast! Do not forget to throw away any leftovers after feeding. And do not prepare any bottle in advance!
6) Always observe these precautions for use, and everything will be fine!

Dosage :
Age : 10 months
Number of powder scoops : 8.
Water : 240 ml.
Number of bottles per day : 2/3.
These quantities are given as an indication and may be adjusted to the needs of each child by health professionals.

Storage :
Packaged in a protective atmosphere. For best before date, see base of can. Store in a cool dry place. Close after opening with the provided plastic lid and use within maximum 4 weeks of opening.


Leurs enfants ont gouté !

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