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Apple Yoghurt



We’re sure you must’ve wondered for ages what your parents meant by that age-old ironical comment they were always churning out when you were a teenager: “Why do things simply when you can make them more complicated?”. But you probably finally understood when your child ate an apple yoghurt for the first time: some stirred yoghurt, some apple, some brown rice, and just a drop of lemon juice. As simple as it gets... but delicious!

3 years
Apple Yoghurt
Apple Yoghurt dos
    55%organic fermented milk
    35%organic Gala apples
    4%organic wholegrain rice flour
    1 splash of organic lemon juice
    1 dash of water
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Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy88 kcal
    (370 kj)
  • Fibre0.3 g
  • Carbo hydrate10 g

    Including sugars : 7,1 g
  • fats3.9 g

    Including saturated fatty acids : 2,3 g
  • Protein2.8 g
  • Salt0.08 g
This product contains
  • MilkMilk

Why is this organic meal so good ?

Because we wanted them to be like the yoghurts we used to eat at Grandpa's: a stirred yoghurt, some cereals, and fruit that's great for sweetening it all naturally...
Because in this yoghurt, there are only organic produce, to guarantee your child wholesome, environmentally-friendly products: none of our products has been mistreated with GMOs, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers during its rearing or cultivation.
Because Good Gourdes for babies are as attractive as they are ingenious. Light and practical, they are easy to pour, re-close, and carry around with you – to give your child a treat anywhere, at any time.

A little story about the apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” as the saying goes. The Gala apple was created in New Zealand in the 1920s. With a fine red skin and firm, juicy flesh, it is sweet and slightly tart. It’s just one of the 20,000 varieties of apple that exist around the world.

More details

Serving recommendations:
Shake well. Pour out into a bowl or directly onto a spoon. Enjoy!
Can be stored at room temperature before opening, and for 24 hours in the refrigerator after opening.

Contains: Milk

This re-closable pouch has been specially chosen to preserve all the flavour of our recipes. It is free from bisphenol A and phthalates, in accordance with current EU legislation.

Warning :
Do not leave children under 36 months alone with the cap unsupervised.
Never put the pouch directly into the microwave.

Leurs enfants ont gouté !

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