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Use and storage

Why do your products have such a long shelf life?

Our flexible sachets and pouches are sterilised: this enables our products to be stored at ambient temperature for several months after manufacture. What's more, the sterilisation of ingredients in our products is much shorter than that needed... for the production of baby food in jars. That means more taste and flavour preserved for you !

Can I freeze your products?

This is not particularly recommended in order to preserve all the flavour of our recipes, but it is perfectly possible to freeze our products provided that you respect the following guidelines: You shouldn't freeze sachets or pouches directly, since their structures may be compromised by freezing. You can, however, transfer the contents to another container, Tupperware for example. From the point of view of taste, we recommend that you consume the products within 2 to 3 months of freezing, since the freezing process leads to crystallisation of the water molecules. To sum up - the longer you leave a product in the freezer the less tasty it will be! Above all, You must never re-freeze a product that's been defrosted !

Your sachets cannot be resealed. How can I preserve the contents and avoid wastage?

To preserve all the eating qualities of our purees, we recommend transferring them into a suitable container (bowl, plastic container), covered with film or foil if necessary, and storing in your fridge for up to 48 hours.

You can also freeze our products by putting the container in your freezer, no more than 2-3 months so as to retain all their flavour and eating qualities!

Lastly, if you feel peckish and decide to finish off the Good Goût puree yourself, we promise not to snitch on you.

How and for how long can I keep your mini rice cakes?

Refer to the 'best before' date printed on the sachet.
Once the sachet is open, we recommend that our mini rice cakes are consumed within 5 days: that way you enjoy them at their best!
And to ensure they remain as delicious as possible, make sure you reseal the sachet or place the rice cakes in a sealed box.

How should I reheat your dishes?

To ensure optimal eating quality, we recommend heating the sachet for 1 minute in a bain marie.
If you don't the have time, you can transfer the contents to a bowl or plate and microwave for 30 seconds at 750 W


Are mangoes really recommended at 4 months?

All cooked fruits can be given from 4 months old. This is the case with our Good Gourdes: the fruit is cooked, before being blended and packaged in pouches in the form of fruit purees.
Nevertheless, forewarned is forearmed, and we recommend that you consult your paediatrician or GP if your child displays sensitivity to allergens.

In what ways are your dishes particularly suited to the nutritional needs of my child ?

In order to develop dishes that are perfectly balanced in terms of nutrition, we consulted a panel of independent child nutrition experts. These child nutrition professionals assist us on a day-to-day basis in creating meals that are perfectly adapted to your baby's dietary needs.

Can I give a 6 months dish to my 12-month-old child?

The 6-8-12 and 15 months indications correspond to the textures we give to our purees: our 6 months carrot and chicken has a smooth texture, while our risotto for 15 months contains small melting chunks to begin teaching your child how to eat like a grownup!

So you can safely give one of our 6-month purees to your child of 10 months, as long as you respect their daily nutritional needs. Our 6 to 8 month purees contain 190g, while our 12 and 15 month purees offer 30g more to satisfy larger stomachs, meeting their greater nutritional needs.

From what age can my child eat your mini rice cakes?

You can start giving rice cakes to your children when:

They can sit upright unaided in a high chair

They are used to eating bread and dishes with chunks

They have two teeth

You can give our mini rice cakes safely to children of 10 months and over, since they will have grown their first teeth at around the age of 6 months.

In any case, it is essential that you do not leave you child unattended when he or she is eating rice cakes and sitting upright.


How do you cook your recipes?

It's easy !
For five years now, the team from the Nutrition Department of the Pasteur Institute in Lille - under endocrinologist and nutritonist Dr Lecerf - have been helping this venture develop with their advice and expertise, by drawing up baby food specifications for us.

On the basis of these specifications, we then give a list of our favourite vegetables to Michelin-starred Chef Michel Reutenauer.
And all we have to do next is to wait for his originality and creativity to cook delicious baby food recipes !

What does the real taste of fruits and vegetables mean?

In each one of our recipes, we highlight a single ingredient. How? By ensuring that it represents at least 60% of the composition of our recipe: for example, our Mango Good Gourde contains 99.9% mango and our Lamb and Butternut Squash dish contains no less than 88% Butternut Squash... Flavours are preserved thanks to an ultra-short list of ingredients and avoiding the systematic addition of cooking water, apple or starches. This is the best way we have to found to awaken your child's taste for good things!

Where do your ingredients come from and how do you select them?

Our raw materials are principally sourced from organic French agriculture. Other ingredients, due to their nature, come from further afield: for example, our quinoa comes from Bolivia, our bananas from Ecuador, our mangoes from India... When it comes to the selection of our raw materials, we are totally uncompromising. They have to meet a double set of specifications, both for organic and children's foods, thus guaranteeing the very best for your child!

Do your small rice galls contain artificial flavors?

Our rice cakes are guaranteed free from artificial flavours. Their original and delicious flavour comes entirely from our concentrated organic carrot and apple juice!


Do your rice cakes contain allergens?

Our little rice cakes do not contain any allergens, and are gluten free. However they may contain traces of soya, milk and sesame.

My child has digestive problems or allergies.

Good Goût is for all babies, including those with intolerances or allergies. That’s why we created a number of recipes that are free from lactose or gluten, for example. We have also made shopping easy for parents, by offering packs that are free from lactose or cow’s milk proteins, so all it takes is a few clicks.
On our website, you can filter by allergen, e.g. no fish, lactose or gluten. This will give you the complete list of products that do not contain those ingredients.

My baby is vegetarian, which of your products are suitable?

For those parents who wish to introduce meat and fish as late as possible, we offer a range of delicious vegetarian recipes.

Dishes from 6-15 months : ratatouille with quinoa, leek and potato fondue, courgette risotto with goat's cheese, penne with aubergines, pumpkin tagine with bulgur, broccoli quinoa and ricotta, courgette and goat's cheese risotto for 15 months.

Our fruit and vegetable pouches from 4 months.
Our 2 sachets of carrot or apple mini rice cakes.

And to discover our vegetarian products even faster, simply click on the link below:

Packaging Baby

Why did you chose Doy Packs for your meal?

In the beginning, we asked ourselves for a long time if Doy Packs were better than little baby pots. Until we checked our list of pros and cons for the Doy Pack and realized all its advantages :

Our products require shorter sterilization with Doy Pack than small jars : all the more so flavouring at the end !

Especially in our bags / suitcases / closets, which are already too full.

Saves energy
Our flexible sachet uses less plastic (5 g, compared to 13 g for a conventional plastic baby food container) and consumes less energy, as it requires only half the heating time for sterilization.

Our products present no risk of breakage when travelling. No doubt to the great relief of your expensive handbag!

What do you mean when you talk about “eco-design”?

By definition, eco-design means considering environmental impact right from the product design phase.
The objective is therefore to combine several design choices to reduce the environmental impact at various stages of the product’s life.
Here’s an example for our flexible pouches:
Supply: 100% organic ingredients = 0 chemical products used during the farming process.
Transport: 10 to 30 times fewer trucks to deliver an empty flexible pouch than a jar.
Manufacturing: Half the energy to sterilise an empty flexible pouch than a jar.
Consumption: Half as much household waste (by weight) for a flexible sachet and 5 times less than a glass jar.
Our packaging is now recyclable thanks to our partnership with TerraCycle. Although glass can be recycled, it consumes more energy than our flexible pouches during sterilisation. This means the finished product tastes delicious and has saved energy! What’s more, our flexible packs are free from bisphenol A* and phthalates.
*In accordance with current regulations.

Where can I find a Baby'Clips spoon?

There's no denying that the Baby'Clips spoon is a winner.
You can find it in our first fruits kit, available in Monoprix stores and from our online boutique, or directly at our partner website:

Is your packaging entirely safe for my child's health?

What's more, in accordance with regulations, it contains no Bisphenol A, phthalates, or endocrine disruptors.

Why your Good Gourde pouches?

Here at Good Goût, we quickly adopted our little pouches, and with good reason: They are extremely easy to use when you begin to diversify your child's foods and the quantities consumed are extremely small. You pour the desired quantity onto the plate or the spoon, and then you seal the pouch back up with the large cap. It's as simple as that! They are easy to transport, with no risk of breakages. They are easy to keep thanks to the hermetic cap: simply open and then reseal. No leakages and the flavour is preserved for longer!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! Thanks to our partnership with the TerraCycle programme.
By returning your waste, you can sponsor the school/association/nursery of your choice, and credit them with the money collected by recycling packaging!
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