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How are your mini rice cakes different from other snacks?

We decided to update our famous Proust madeleine recipe in an original way with delicious mini rice cakes!

Thanks to their simultaneously melting and crunchy texture they are perfectly adapted to your baby's first teeth.

What's more, they offer a variety of taste thanks to their two flavours, carrot and apple, and contain no added sugar.

Where do your ingredients come from and how do you select them?

Our raw materials are principally sourced from organic French agriculture. Other ingredients, due to their nature, come from further afield: for example, our quinoa comes from Bolivia, our bananas from Ecuador, our mangoes from India... When it comes to the selection of our raw materials, we are totally uncompromising. They have to meet a double set of specifications, both for organic and children's foods, thus guaranteeing the very best for your child!

Packaging Kidz

Why your Good Gourde pouches?

Here at Good Goût, we quickly adopted our little pouches, and with good reason: They are extremely easy to use when you begin to diversify your child's foods and the quantities consumed are extremely small. You pour the desired quantity onto the plate or the spoon, and then you seal the pouch back up with the large cap. It's as simple as that! They are easy to transport, with no risk of breakages. They are easy to keep thanks to the hermetic cap: simply open and then reseal. No leakages and the flavour is preserved for longer!

Is your packaging entirely safe for my child's health?

What's more, in accordance with regulations, it contains no Bisphenol A, phthalates, or endocrine disruptors.
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