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Chocolate-Hazelnut Rice-Cakes



EVERY parent experienced this phenomenon (and yes, even the best ones), at snack time, when kids eat chocolate biscuits: the CMOF, i.e. « Chocolate Melting On Fingers »… At Good Goût Kidz, we thought of you (and your washing machine): delicious rice-cakes filled with a chocolate-hazelnut paste, those we do not share with one’s t-shirt ! 100% Organic, 100% pleasure, no weird ingrédients… and no stains !

3 years
Chocolate-Hazelnut Rice-Cakes
Chocolate-Hazelnut Rice-Cakes dos
    55%organic rice
    45%Organic chocolate & hazelnut filling
    1 Pinch of sea salt
All about the provenance of our products
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy456 kcal
  • Fibre2.3 g
  • Carbo hydrate72.4 g

    Including sugars : 27,3 g
  • fats15.3 g

    Including saturated fatty acids : 4,8 g
  • Protein6.2 g
  • Salt0.19 g
This product contains
  • MilkMilk
  • NutsNuts

Why is this organic kids snack so good ?

Because our recipe is simple and without weird ingredients… 
Because they have an on-the-go format easy to bring along wherever your kids go!
Because our chocolate-hazelnut rice-cakes are organic, which means that during cultivation, none of our ingredients have been mistreated with GMOs, pesticides or other chemical fertilizers. To keep it simple: as healthy as they are delicious.

Good Goût Kidz chocolate-hazelnut rice-cakes: those you will snap for!

Good Goût Kidz concocted delicious rice-cakes with a chocolate-hazelnut filling. With little sugar, a very short ingredient list and nothing weird, 100% Organic and gluten free, cakes your kids will snap for ! To bring along wherever you go in their on-the-go sachet format…

More details

This very attractive packet contains 6 sachets of 1 chocolate & hazelnut rice-cakes (20g).

Store your chocolate & hazelnut rice-cakes at room temperature in a dry place out of sunlight. 

May contain traces of sesame.

Leurs enfants ont gouté !

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