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Our ingredients too have roots

Our mission is to help your little ones to discover the true taste of fruits and vegetables. Unlike brands from conventional farming, we have to meet a double set of specifications – both for organic farming and for baby food regulations – to which we add a extra constraint of our own: flavour!

Here at Good Goût, each of our recipes features one main ingredient in, so your babies can discover its real taste. Our priority: sourcing high-quality raw materials!

In our quest for ingredients with outstanding flavours, we taste every batch of raw materials in order to guarantee you the highest quality. Here at Good Goût, we enjoy a good laugh – but there’s no joking when it comes to awakening children’s sense of taste!

Origin of our ingredients Our method of selection

Everything starts with the taste!

Good Goût started out from a challenge: a group of parents determined to put good taste back into our babies dishes. Good Goût’s dad, Mikaël:

“I noticed that, although baby food in jars is jolly handy, it often leaves a lot to be desired in terms of taste. So I decided to create my own brand to enable babies to discover the real taste of foods. Accompanied by a talented chef and child nutrition experts, we’ve created tasty original recipes that are not diluted or thickened using potato or apple, and are never drowned in cooking liquid. And always a short list of ingredients, to delight your little foodies’ taste buds.”

What we eat is created by Nature, and that depends on parameters we have no control over like rain, temperatures, and wind – as well as soil quality or biodiversity.

Thus we will select an aubergine in the first instance because it complies with the organic farming regulations; then because we find it good (flavoursome, not bitter); and lastly because it is close to our production site.

Hence depending on the seasons, our raw materials may come from different producers in order to satisfy all these requirements. Here at Good Goût, we think it's important to be very demanding about what we give to our babies ;-)

On the trail of our ingredients!

Sourcing good quality organically-farmed products that also meet the requirements of children' food regulations sometimes means we have to go and look for our ingredients abroad..
viande viande Meat
saumon saumon Fish
yaourt yaourt Dairy produce
cereales cereales Cereals
legumes legumes Vegetables
banane banane Fruits
mangue mangue Exotic fruits
mangue mangue {TR_huile}
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Our meat all comes from France, except for the lamb, which comes from Ireland. We have selected fish from Ireland (since sadly organic fish doesn't exist in France). Our goat's cheeses are 100% French. Our Parmesan is obviously produced in Italy, and our yoghurts come from Spain. Our cereals are mainly grown in Europe. Except for the quinoa (Peru or Bolivia) and the rice (Thailand and India). Our vegetables are grown in France, but also in Spain, Germany, and Italy. Our fruits are grown in France, but also, depending on the amount of sun they need, in Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Mexico. Certain fruits like blueberries come from Poland and Serbia. Our exotic fruits come from their countries of origin (India or Colombia for mango, Costa Rica for pineapple, Peru for passion fruit, etc.). {TR_huile_detail}
fondue poireaux Risotto courgette Panais epinards

Baby food is not something to be taken lightly!

All products intended for babies are subject to the same European regulations relating to baby food. These impose very strict limits on contaminants (pesticides, nitrates, heavy metals, etc.)

With 99.9% mango in our pouches or 88% butternut squash in a little dish, we are intransigent about the quality of the fruit and vegetables we select.
That’s essential in order to scrupulously abide by the imposed contaminant thresholds and offer babies the enjoyment of the taste and nothing else!

This exercise can become complicated with vegetables like courgettes, leeks, or fennel, which have a very high concentration of nitrates. So we are sometimes obliged to go and find our organic fruit and vegetables outside France, so their composition will be able to comply with the regulations.

We work hand-in-hand with Nature, so her changeable weather sometimes affects the availability of our products. So we are constantly on the look-out for new producers and new recipes so our babies can enjoy a treat for every meal.

Certified 100% organic,
and oh-so-good!

Sans produits chimiques

Farming without synthetic chemicals (pesticides / plant treatments) or GMOs.

Respect for animal welfare (organic feed, free-range rearing, priority given to alternative remedies for healthcare).

A guarantee of naturalness and authenticity (restricted use of additives and auxiliaries, no use of colouring, synthetic artificial flavourings, or flavour enhancers, numerous controls at the various stages of manufacture (production, packaging, transport, distribution, etc.) from an independent specialist inspection body.

Our products are certificated by accredited independent bodies, and as such are entitles to use the "AB" [organic farming in France] logo.