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Back Good Goût > Your questions > Can I give a 6 months dish to my 12-month-old child?

Can I give a 6 months dish to my 12-month-old child?

The 6-8-12 and 15 months indications correspond to the textures we give to our purees: our 6 months carrot and chicken has a smooth texture, while our risotto for 15 months contains small melting chunks to begin teaching your child how to eat like a grownup!

So you can safely give one of our 6-month purees to your child of 10 months, as long as you respect their daily nutritional needs. Our 6 to 8 month purees contain 190g, while our 12 and 15 month purees offer 30g more to satisfy larger stomachs, meeting their greater nutritional needs.

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