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Once upon a time...

A mother

A mother

And a dad

And a dad

Once upon a time, there was a mummy and a daddy.

Both of them keen foodies and concerned about what their children were eating, they had an idea that would soon change the world of baby-food in little jars. Starting from the idea that “baby-food in jars is jolly handy, but often lacks flavour”, they took up their courage and creativity, teamed up with other foodie friends as passionate as themselves, and then lovingly cooked up something to stimulate babies’ taste-buds.

Judge for yourself: at least 60% of the primary ingredient per recipe (often more, but never less) and organic produce, from classic carrots and peas to deliciously original Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, and grapefruit.


Big-hearted Chefs

Good ideas are important.
But they still had to invent tasty recipes...

So our two parents went off in search of talented Chefs, including Michel Reutenauer, a Michelin star Chef who owns the ‘Carré des Sens’ in Villeneuve d'Ascq in France. They proved only too willing to share their culinary secrets ; with no magic potions, certainly - but with daring and creativity !


Little nutritional geniuses

There’s nothing all that magical about combining pleasure and nutrition.

Especially when you have good people around you: for five years now, the team from the Nutrition Department of the Pasteur Institute in Lille – run by Dr Lecerf, an endocrinologist and nutritionist - have been helping this venture develop with their advice and expertise.

A passionate 
team of 

A passionate team of foodies

No great adventure ever happens without the help of passionate companions - The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and many more will tell you so.

And that’s how, dish by dish, our team has grown so that you can find even more delicious Good Goût recipes close to you!

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