From 4 months
My weaning box
Peach Pear
Strawberry Banana
Apple Quince
My pack of 10 mango pouches
Apple Fig
From 6 months
My first proteins pack
Strawberry muesli
My 6–8 months meal pack
Carrots & chicken
Sweet potatoes & roast pork
Sweetcorn & farmduck
Peas with veal
Leek fondue, Potatoes & Cod
Ratatouille with quinoa
Pear & Vanilla Yoghurt
Oats Wheat Rice
Breaky Blueberry
Oat Strawberry Banana Vegan Yoghurt
Breaky Mango
My cow’s-milk-free pack from 6 months
My 10 Breakfast pouches Pack
Breaky Strawberry
Breaky Apple
Breaky Pear
Butternut squash & lamb
From 8 months
Pasta with eggplant
Zucchini & goatcheese risotto
Pumpkin tagine with bulgur
My pack of 4 courgette and goat’s cheese risotto dishes
My pack of Carrés
Banana Carrés
Coconut Carrés
Mango Carrés
From 10 months
Milk powder 3rd stage
Animal-shaped biscuits with lemon
Mini rice-cakes with blueberry
Mini rice-cakes with apple
All round Biscuits with Cocoa
All round biscuits with Vanilla
From 3 years
My Kidz pouch pack
Strawberry-banana (Pack of 4)
Banana (Pack of 4)
Gala Apple (Pack of 4)
For Babies
All products
Baby dishes
Fruit pouches
Baby cereals
Yoghurt pouches
Vegetable pouches
Breakfast pouches
Baby biscuits
Infant Milk
For kidz
All products
Fruit pouches
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